How to Win His Love and Keep Him Forever

Are you eager to win his love? Do you wish you had a way of warming his heart and keeping his love forever? If you could find a way to get him to commit to you, would you want to try it? Finding love isn’t as hard as you might think, however, you might have to take a good long look at yourself before you can go out and get the man you want.Think of all the love and relationship notions you’ve grown up with. Are they old fashioned and out of date? Or are they distorted, perhaps even unhealthy.Despite the many advances women have made in the world, many are still caught up in the fairy tale notion of going out and finding their Prince Charming, their perfect Mr. Right. Women are often so eager to get their hands on their Prince Charming that they look at the tall, dark and handsome man and simply conjure up all the great qualities they want him to have.However, when reality finally sets in, they realize that despite his Prince Charming façade the man is impolite, selfish, crude, sloppy, lazy or whatever other fault women so quickly find in men. Then the fighting, nagging and criticizing begin until everything blows up.So, what if you were to go out truly looking for a man who fills your criteria and not just the shallow list of what he should look like. Find a man who has the sense of humor that keeps you cracked up, and who understands your quirky side; or a man who is strong and steady when you need a shoulder to lean on.
If you guys enjoy being together, whether it’s to talk all night over a few beers, spend the day playing at the beach, or simply sitting back to quietly enjoy a sunset, the bond you build will be stronger than if you only enjoy looking at him.And if you really want to win his heart, remember your needs as well as his and know that one of the things you need is space to breathe. Don’t always feel you have to be with him and certainly don’t make him feel that he must always be with you. Even if you want to spend every waking moment with him, leave him some space.