Guide to Nikon Digital SLR and Compact Cameras

Here’s a simplified guide to Nikon digital SLR and Compact Cameras. When it comes to quality photography, photographers want a wide range of products and accessories so that they can choose something that suits their skills, and if required upgrade to something better, preferably from the same manufacturer so that the learning curve is easier.About the BrandNikon is definitely a trusted brand in the eyes of most photographers. They have been around for several decades and have cameras suitable for both amateurs as well as professionals. They have launched several new models in recent times and believe in delivering good quality imaging techniques. It was somewhere around the nineties, when Nikon started producing top quality SLRs, that the brand took a upturn and their cameras started getting quickly latched up by photographers.

Competition Check They definitely have good completion from the likes of Canon and Sony who also have a good range of products. The good thing about Nikon is that their cameras have better quality of image and better usability.Generally speaking, Nikon cameras when compared to other brands, especially their DSLR cameras, provide several advanced features which the serious learners can make use of. If you aspire to be a professional someday, its always best to choose a camera that has enough advanced features that will let you shoot under varied conditions.Various ModelsIn terms of the offerings, Nikon has the following series of cameras: Nikon D series (SLRs), Nikon L, P and S series compact cameras.Professional photographers can choose from the D7000, D5000 or the more affordable D3200. Those looking for compact models can opt for the extremely popular COOLPIX series. These can be used in the auto-mode, which is pure shoot and click mode, and also provides lots of features if you want to apply specialized settings for your shoot. These pack a lot of power in a small package.

What to Choose?It depends on what you want to shoot. Point & shoot cameras are compact, convenient, easier to carry and suitable for most social gatherings. However, it doesn’t give you lots of manual control something that serious photographers want. So you need to keep that in mind.If budget is a concern and you find the price of a new Nikon camera model prohibitive, you may also explore the possibility of going in for a used one, as camera nowadays are really robust and can last a long time, if proper care has been taken.